Aji Charapita Australia


Aji Charapita Australia. Buy the most expensive chilli online here at Ellanda

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Aji Charapita Australia

The Aji Charapita is also known as the most expensive chilli in the world. At Ellanda we are selling to Australian customers only this rare chilli from Peru.  The Aji Charapita originally from Peru is used by chefs for its amazing flavour. Like most chillies it is wise to not judge a pepper by its size, especially when it comes to price. The Aji Charapita Australia chili pepper grows is roughly the size of a small pea, there’s nothing small about its expensive price. Did you know that a kilogram of the Aji will set you back an enormous $34,000. The Aji Charapita’s origin is from Northern Peru, the Aji Charapita is known as a wild pepper, and has only recently recently being cultivated for commercial use. Used fresh, this tiny pepper is said to have a strong fruity flavor that gives salsas and sauces a tropical taste, but it is mostly used in powdered form to a bit of spiciness to various dishes. Although still fairly unknown in most Western countries, the Aji Charapita is a highly sought-after treat among chili pepper lovers and five-star restaurant chefs.


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